Fleet Conversion

We have successfully replaced the fleet of numerous local companies. We’re passionate about our ability to minimize your trucking costs, and maximize the potential of your business.

Outsourcing transportation may sound like a daunting task to any organization, it may seem cost effective, and easier to have your own in-house driver(s), but leaning on a transportation provider can make more sense, for many reasons.

COST – The largest factor in all decision making processes. Here are a few items to consider when deciding whether to maintain an in-house fleet versus outsourcing with Keenan.These are costs that can be minimized, or completely removed from your budget.

TIME – The second largest factor when considering a change. If you were able to take yourself completely out of transportation, imagine the amount of time you could allocate to benefit your primary business objectives. Below are a few of the areas where you may be currently spending too much time.

Cost Savings

  • Fuel
  • Vehicle Acquisition
  • Maintenance
  • Driver/Dispatcher Wages
  • Insurance/Benefits/Workers Comp
  • Training for drivers/employees
  • Recruiting expenses
  • Licensing fees
  • Unemployment/Overtime
  • Accident/Liabilities
  • Litigation
Time Savings

  • Licensing
  • Recruiting drivers
  • Training drivers/dispatchers
  • Dispatching drivers
  • Setting appointments
  • Scheduling maitenance
  • Safety training
  • Monitoring DOT regulations
  • Keeping up with FMCSA enforcements
  • Contingency Planning
  • Vacation/Sick Day coverage
  • Volume Surges

Why Keenan Fleet Conversion?

Keenan has been in the transportation industry since 1946. We employ transportation professionals who are passionate about providing extraordinary service at competitive prices in the safest manner. Outsourcing transportation allows each company to maximize their talents in their specified field of expertise.


Keenan has successfully replaced the fleet of various Chicago land companies These companies include:

  • Graybar Electric
  • Gexpro
  • SG Supply


Keenan’s facility in Carol Stream, IL house it’s own maintenance facility, complete with professionally trained mechanics.


We have the ability to cover seasonal surges, vacations, sick days, breakdowns, driver no-shows, etc. Our proximity allows us to quickly react to any unforeseeable events to ensure product is always moving when the customer needs it.


Being involved in the transportation industry requires countless hours spent keeping up on DOT, FMCSA, and other requirements. Keenan is up to date on the ever-changing world of transportation regulations.

Removing transportation costs from your day to day activities will allow you to put together a more precise budgeting plan. It will save you time, money, and relationships.

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