Keenan offers a quick and paperless “Onboarding” or set up process for qualified carriers. If you want to become a Keenan approved carrier and be able to move our freight, click on the appropriate link below to begin the onboarding prcess.

Keenan always has “two customers on every load, one being the shipper, and the other being the carrier.” Keenan makes every effort to manage both with caring professionalism. As part of that process, Keenan has partnered with an industry leader, Real Time Freight, and will incorporate their Onboarding system for setting up and monitoring carriers. The Onboarding and carrier monitoring system provide Keenan the ability to quickly set up new carriers, as well as validates and monitors all those qualified carriers to ensure they maintain the proper qualifications to move our freight.

The Onboarding system integrates with Keenan Transportation Management System (TMS) – BrokerWeb in that it will automatically update information in BrokerWeb. Keenan and our carrier partners will no longer have to swap company documents and information by fax or email which will assist in avoiding missed faxes and lost paperwork. The Onboarding should take a carrier no longer than 5 -10 minutes to complete. Once the carrier fills out the information in the link, the carrier is approved to move Keenan freight. Through the Onboarding link, carriers complete an online profile and can view, print and sign our contract electronically. After Onboarding, the carrier’s information will automatically update and reside in our TMS or at Truckstop’s integration portal. Along with the ease of setting a carrier up is the security of knowing that Keenan will only be working with valid qualified carriers. The Onboarding process and the database of qualified carriers are updated and information pushed into Keenan TMS daily. If a carrier falls out of tolerance, goes out of business, or loses insurance Keenan will be able to see the change and not use the carrier.

Keenan Onboarding system also includes Real Time Freight’s full suite of carrier protection products (CACCI) which further protects our partners and customers from working with unqualified carriers. Our Onboarding process helps protect individuals, Keenan and our valued customers from possible transportation scams, claims and lawsuits. Real Time Freight’s CACCI includes:

  • Carrier Performance Reporting (CPR) includes an A – F, N, and O rating scale and monitors changes in your selected carrier’s CPR Ratings. It also provides the ability to access and report carrier complaints, compliments and rebuttals.
  • Authority status and history reports for up to 5 years.
  • CSA Rating, Real Time Freight rankings, carrier status and history with cargo and crash indicators.
  • Carrier Directory provides a complete carrier profile.
  • Insurance Monitoring provided by Real Time Freight’s® “Carrier Insurance Verification Services” (CIVS) Department.

Once a carrier has been validated or cleared they will appear as a approved carrier within Real Time Freight’s load board. For Keenan account managers and independent agents, Carrier Clear quickly identifies approved carriers when searching for trucks. Also, carriers can quickly identify Keenan as a partner who they are already setup with while searching for loads (green icon on Truckstop). Lastly, our Onboarding process further enhances our green initiative by providing a green, paperless and automated solution from start to finish.

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